I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity; all that I hope for in my clothes  – Yves Saint Laurent

The basics are about assembling your core wardrobe. Some people use the basics as the starting point for a more stylised look. Basics don’t have to be classics, they do have to be the right basics for your body and personality. Basics remain relevant over time and act as the connecting point to your style. They are the foundation to your stapled styled wardrobe and therefore arguably the most important part of knowing your fashion identity.



What to look for: shoes, dresses, suits, handbags. Understanding a designer’s collection is also understanding the editorial aspect: what is considered trendy is what has been picked out by chief editors invited to the runways and what will be featured in the magazines, filtered through down to the fast fashion. These are the pieces that also often end up on the ads. Then, there are the basics that the designer puts together and finally, the garments which address the trend of the season. The key with designer is that because it is so expensive, you don’t want to buy the trendy in-season pieces but those that will transcend trends. Preferably, buy it vintage -cheaper, has a story and you’re being sustainable.



As everyone is discovering, it feels good to wear expensive clothes, especially when someone paid for them the first time out – Carol Troy

Vintage shopping should be more mainstream, especially since styles are interchangeable between the times. Vintage allows you to create your unique look in such a particular way, allowing you to express your personality all the more through garments which have passed the test of time. Vintage clothes haven’t been pre-approved or promoted by designers and magazines and that, should be you calling-call.





LSESU Fashion Society

LSESU Fashion Society

The LSESU Fashion Society is the only fashion related society on campus at LSE. Our events this year are focused around the term ‘sustainability’, whether that is one’s mental health, our consumption patterns or our understanding of the fashion industry contributes greatly to climate change.

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