This week, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) delivered a worldwide guide to sustainable strategies for fashion designers including a toolkit for creating sustainability designs, an index of naturally resourced materials, and a directory that lists expert organizations who excel, promote, and provide sustainable alternatives to be used.

A complex, multifaceted issue in the industry, sustainable fashion has never had guidelines to follow, much less a resource that gives direction.  That is now changed.

The report is not enforced, but encouraged by the CDFA to be a great resource for established sustainable designers and a first step in the right direction for others to follow.  In short, it is fashion’s new renewable education bible.

Highlights of the report include an emphasis on fashion as an unhindered culture and life as sustainability simply becomes the new design.  In accord with themes of interconnectedness, the CFDA expresses how designers must start using more renewable sources for fashion now so future fashion is not disabled.  Summits, conferences, and the opening a dialogue of reimagination are called to action as designers are beckoned to no longer be hung on the idea of efficiency, but the idea of quality understood by the practice of time and awareness.

This launch has created an easier platform and bigger discussion for designers to be educated and encouraged to participate in practices that create a masterful cohesion of sustainability and fashion.  Accessibility now paves the way of transparency and understanding.

In similar stride, The British Fashion Council follows with new initiative for their Positive Fashion committee to drive change through practice of social, environmental, and business governance to champion the sustainable fashion sector in the market.

Information taken from Harpers Bazaar & British Fashion Council


LSESU Fashion Society

LSESU Fashion Society

The LSESU Fashion Society is the only fashion related society on campus at LSE. Our events this year are focused around the term ‘sustainability’, whether that is one’s mental health, our consumption patterns or our understanding of the fashion industry contributes greatly to climate change.

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