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Welcome to the Fashion Society,

The way we view fashion at LSE is the fusion of art, culture and society. We understand the crucial role we play in legitimising the fashion industry by supporting them with academic theories and notions which the fashion industry conceptualises in an organic visual way. We also understand that if a change is going to take place on a larger scale, if we will try to break down social norms, it is by collaborating with both the social sciences and the creative world. They are uniquely intertwined and we are lucky to be a part of that.

Our past events have included our ‘199Z: Diversity Revisited’ fashion show at the Saatchi Gallery, panel discussions with LSE professors in sociology, anthropology and psychology along with professors from LSF, designers from Central Saint Martins, bookers like Madeleine Ostile. We have collaborated with ‘Redefining Concepts’ as well as having been offered support by the likes of the British Fashion Council.

Our events this year are focused around the term ‘sustainability’, whether that is one’s mental health, our consumption patterns or our understanding of the fashion industry contributes greatly to climate change.

Also, Acne, Champion, Dior… The brands we love are always on sale at

The LSESU Fashion Society Committee



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