New Year’s resolutions: we absolutely love the idea of them.  How could we not?  A chance to reinvent yourself is like finding gold in the fashion industry.  We all love a good transformation.  Vegan all of 2019?  I boasted this to my family. Gym membership? I could say those words with a straight face so confidently that it should be a talent.  But, in reality, I just don’t dedicate myself to these things.

But who’s to blame? I obviously will never take ownership, I have too much pride in my increasingly unobtainable brags.  But that’s life- setting goals are a journey not an instant gratification.  It’s a need for change in your life that you must progressively work towards. I plead a vendetta against a resolution, and instead propose the idea of making a commitment to yourself.  In the theme of this year lets gear towards sustainable fashion and the 2019 commitment you can individually make that will last longer than any diet resolution you could think of.  Daunting, I know, but coming from the world’s worst excuse of a commitment maker, I promise you it doesn’t take much effort at all.

Where to Start:

1. Don’t Improvise. Start now.
2. Pull the clothes out of your closet or off that one chair we all know you pile clothes on top of every time you are getting ready and ask yourself: Have I ever worn this, or will I ever wear this, more than 30 times? No? Donate it.
3. Educate yourself!  It’s the simplest measure that gives the highest reward.
4. Change your perspective.  It’s really happening.

New Life Mantras:

1. Shop thrift, shop vintage.  Renewable fashion is sustainable fashion.
2. Donate.  You really aren’t going to wear it.
3. Quality over quantity. Invest in long-wear, multi-seasonal items.

Eco-Friendly Brands We All Know and Love:

Tome, Reformation, Amur, Catbird, Stella McCartney, Weekday…

Brands to Look Out For:

Gung Ho: handmade, local sustainable fashion centered on environmental issues to push boundaries.  Notably the most recent collection demonstrated the reality of plastic in our oceans.

WYNAD: on a mission to create gender equality through sustainable fashion, 10% profit directly supports women empowerment projects globally.

Ruby Moon: all pieces made from recycled fishing nets, 100% profit goes to support women entrepreneurs across 13 countries.

ALICAS: uses wasted retail stock to support domestic violence survivors, a beautiful union of environmental and social value.

It’s incredible, really, that we are given so many tools to be successful.  However, It’s the effort that we are looking for in this new year commitment, the effort towards making a change in our challenged industry. Change comes from a change of mindset. I intend to make small changes in my life day by day to move towards a sustainable life is a commitment I can make, and a great resolution for 2019. Demand better for yourself this year, and demand better for our world.

By Bridget Knowles

Information pulled from: CompareEthics & Harpers Bazaar

LSESU Fashion Society

LSESU Fashion Society

The LSESU Fashion Society is the only fashion related society on campus at LSE. Our events this year are focused around the term ‘sustainability’, whether that is one’s mental health, our consumption patterns or our understanding of the fashion industry contributes greatly to climate change.

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