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Hi, I’m Yasmin, a third year studying Economic History and I’m your secretary for the upcoming year! My role is to act as a liaison between the executive and members but also with other societies in the SU. Stay tuned for the weekly newsletters which will give updates on events, news, tips and more! My visions for the society include integration, innovation and inclusivity. Considering LSE is one of most diverse universities in the world, I hope to increase the integration of the fashion society with different societies in the SU to celebrate and showcase our various cultures. I would love to deepen this further to include the cultural societies in showcasing their traditional dress, art or makeup. Secondly, I want to see more students featured on social media/ the newsletters to bring fashion to the student level on campus. Lastly I want the society to be a community where newcomers don’t feel as though they have to ‘textbook fashionable’ or own designer things in order to join. I mean half of us wear ‘sports chic’ (aka workout wear when you’re not working out) on the daily. If I had to describe my style, I’d go with classic and comfortable with a few experimental pieces. I can’t wait to meet everyone and make this year’s fashion society a memorable one!

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