I became very interested in fashion when I first started modelling, at the age of 14. I truly believe that fashion is very powerful, as it can make statements, influence people, empower them and even change their lives. I absolutely adore the transformative quality, even an item of clothing can bring out a different version of you. I would not say that I have a specific style, as I usually wear what I like, but in general I tend to go for elegant, sexy and feminine clothes.

I would love to involve as many people as I can in the society, and make sure that the society focuses on the main values that LSE stands for as well (inclusivity and diversity). Moreover, I want to expand the fashion society’s presence as much as we can on the main Social Media Platforms, such as on Instagram and Facebook.

I aim to create and maintain social media content for three terms, organise photographers and videographers for internal LSE press for all events as well as edit campaigns to promote the society and events.