I’m a third year Politics and International Relations undergraduate, and I’ve always been interested in fashion. I grew up with a very fashion-conscious mother and regularly read publications such as Teen Vogue and i-D, so fashion is something I’ve always been interested in. I particularly love to see how fashion moves in tandem with art and music movements – from Bauhaus to mods and rockers to hip-hop – and how these trends can both change and return to mainstream fashion over the decades.

I’d describe my style as very influenced by my mum – smart casual but with a kitsch twist (think Coach handbags with a Lazy Oaf dress). I prefer minimalist colours and am frequently seen wearing black or navy. I also have a taste for accessories – during my school years I was known for matching hair accessories to my outfits.

As Vice President, my role in the society involves both directly assisting the President and working online. I want to create an active blog on the Society website highlighting a range of themes in the industry, from sustainability to feminism and LGBTQ fashion. This is part of my wider vision for the Society, which includes increasing its online presence and collaborations with other societies through our blog and holding events linking Fashion to culture, religion and the workplace.



Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 16.11.21.png


Fashion is interesting because it is both necessary and unnecessary at the same time. Whatever you choose to wear, you give something away about yourself …even if you wear nothing…  What we usually perceive as fashion is a conscious effort to express yourself. It is not only about finding the colours that suit you skin tone, the cuts that flatter your figure, or the perfect combination of designer accessories and clothes you can actually afford… fashion is a lot more. It is a way to be confident or sometimes shy, because you can decide how to portray yourself. At LSE, where conversations often drift into the spheres of politics, philosophy or similarly light-hearted topics, we need this place to exchange with those that are passionate about the same things as us.  Fashion is art, and art is not rational, and that is what makes this society such a great balance to the brainwork of university.


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